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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Simplistic Reviews Presents: Simply Horrifying featuring Tales from the Crypt Ep. 06

Prepare for another murderous and marauding romp as we re-enter the Crypt for another edition of Simply Horrifying.  In one of the more interesting, and lighter, episodes we have Harry Anderson, who you might remember from "Night Court," as an artist working for "Tales from the Crypt" who's creations are suddenly taking on a life of their own after he begins taking experimental pills for his little "bedroom problem."  The episode is entitled "Korman's Kalamity," and while the episode is goofy and ridiculous it still have enough gore and monsters to come off as a little scary.

One other interesting tidbit is the fact that "Korman's" was directed by Rowdy Herrington, the man behind the 1989 classic, "Road House." Enough said.

Click the video above for the full review, if you dare......


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