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The Watch: What?
What the hell? This movie (If I can call it one) goes…NOWHERE.
The Three Stooges made me cut myself 8 times…
The Watch made me jump in front of cars, after I set myself on fire and shot myself 6 times.
This shit makes me sad that movies are now made like this…What? Why? It’s all shit anymore…every stupid film that comes out is shit…honestly I think I’m more pissed that good films aren’t made anymore. 

This is why people torrent films!… okay?
This is why tickets are 20 bucks to watch!
This is why no one wants to waste money on shit films?
This is why movies lose money!
This is why I don’t go to the theater anymore!
This is why!
It’s a gamble to go to the theater anymore and I rather go to a casino to lose my money…

Scream at us!

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