Switch: Fine

Listen Switch isn’t a bad film…It’s just a “fine” one.

Straight from IMDB the film is about A sexist, chauvinist pig gets his just desserts when his angry ex-girlfriends murder him and he is reincarnated as a woman.

It’s a Blake Edwards film so it’s got some funny scenes, but it’s no Skin Deep.

Problem I have with this film is well the date rape scene. So the guy dies and comes back as a girl. He tells his best friend played by Jimmy Smits, who says he believes him/her but still wants to have sex with him/her. Later on in the film they drink and drink and they go back to the he/her’s place where apparently Jimmy Smits has sex with him/her without him/her knowing and (Spoiler Alert)… impregnates her…WTF Jimmy Smits? The whole thing is odd and weird for this film. Nothing upsets me, trust me I’ve seen some F’d up films and I don’t care, but for this film it’s just out of place.

It’s a bit odd, but if a girl ever says they’re a friend of mine who just came back from the dead I will most likely skip the I wanna have sex with you part.

The film really is a Girly film, so if that’s your thing or what look out!

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