Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult: Solid

Is the third and final film in a comedy classic trilogy…

“Well… We shot a lot of people together. It’s been great. But today I retire, so if I do any shooting now, it’ll have to be within the confines of my own home. Hopefully, an intruder and not an in-law, like at my bachelor party.” 

The Last Time we saw Frank Drebin?

After foiling the Evil energy companies plain to use a Dr. Mainheimer decoy and disarming a bomb. Frank got Jane back and decided he will retire from the police force and spend his time with Jane.
“Rocco could tell from my little escapade in the shower that I was well endowed… with courage.”

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (Trailer)After retiring last time we saw him, Frank comes out of retirement to help Police Squad. This time he goes deep undercover to infiltrate terrorists who plan on using the Academy Awards to detonate a bomb. During this time Frank and Jane try to start a family as well as getting help with some problems this has brought up. Can Frank save the day, as well as produce a child for Jane? Let’s watch and find out! 

“Hey! You call this slop? Real slop has got chunks in it! This is more like gruel! And this Château le Blanc ’68 is supposed to be served slightly chilled! This is room temperature! What do you think we are, animals?” 

Sure, Naked Gun 33 1/3 is a bit weaker then what we come to aspect from a Naked Gun film, but it’s still funny. It seems to be a very underrated film online when people talk about. I feel its better then people give it. It has it’s issues and could never really be as good as the first one, that’s a given. This film was Directed by Peter Segal and not David Zucker, so we have that going on. But it is still written by David and still has those great lines we all come to love with the Naked Gun trilogy. The issue with this film is the story. The weak “Bad guys” really felt like they just threw something together just so they could get the film made. The strongest part is just like every other time is the performance of Leslie Nielsen. But unlike films of today they did stop making these films and didn’t keep trying. They simply stopped rehashing Frank and I give them credit for that. I won’t lie, I would of like to seen a fourth one, but do to the passing of the comedy legend Leslie Nielsen I hope they never try to remake or create a sequel to this fantastic Naked Gun trilogy. And if someone tries too, trust me, they will have to go through me first…and the shit will hit the fan!
“They’re going to blow that place sky high. It’ll be a tragedy. Unless it’s during a dance number.”
Favorite scene in this film is a classic!

Nurse: “Do you need any help?”
Drebin: “Do you have Spartacus?”

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…
What’s your favorite scene?
“Look, baby. I am what I am, and I do what I do. A few guys make shoelaces, some lay sod, others make a very good living neutering animals. I’m a cop!”

And that’s it! Every Naked Gun film, Do you agree they are all good, thou get weaker with each one?

Do you have a favorite?
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