Underworld: Awakening: BORING

Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.

Sums it up!


Yep I finally got around to watching this damn film.

This was the 5th time I started the film and finished it…It will be the last time too.

First the story sucked.

Acting was stale.

Ending was soooo bad.

What a boring film. It was nothing but boring.

When it ended I said, “That’s it? That was the film?”

Not a good thing when someone says that toward a film.

Apparently since the movie went nowhere, there will be a sequel. Thanks guys for wasting my time that got nothing accomplished!

Funny thing: When the 3rd film came out everyone said it sucked because Kate Beckinsale wasn’t in it. Well she’s in this one and it’s clearly worse then the 3rd one!

Kate Beckinsale is the only reason to watch!

and if I can be honest for a sec…

It was the only reason I watched it!

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  1. Thank you for another great Simplistic Review, Justin! Recently I have started ordering movies before I leave my office at DISH so they will be ready to watch from my Hopper DVR when I get home. I watched Underworld: Awakening last night and I wasn’t exactly enthralled with the film. Kate is a good reason to watch the movie but not good enough. The movie was very boring; for a movie with Awakening in the title I found it very hard to stay awake

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Edgar! Sorry you had to watch such a bad film. You are right about Kate being a good reason but even in this case not good enough. Even she was boring, every element of this film is just boring. You nailed it with the fact with Awakening in the title, it was hard to stay awake. The whole time I was occupying myself with my phone. Then once it was over I couldn't believe the film went nowhere expect that she has a child. It was a sad excuse for a script. Can't believe this film went into production. Hopefully I can save you time and money next time you order a film. Lately every time I order a film, I've notice nothing but weak boring films. Thanks again for the nice comment!

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