As Jack’s Disney female family member could attest, every Cinderella story must come to an end.  The battle of the Brits comes down to the battle of the wits. And Commander Bond has more than enough to spare to out duel ol’ Jackie.  James puts Sparrow to rest…in Dead Man’s Chest.


Sarah Conner is a warrior through circumstance.  You go ahead and have a cybernetic organism from the future come back to kill you and see if you wouldn’t join the NRA.  But at the end of the day she wasn’t really a successful warrior.  She may have attempted a daring escape from the funny house, but she was eventually captured.  She may have tracked down and shot Dr. Dyson but she couldn’t kill him.  She may have blasted a few holes in Robert Patrick but Arnold still had to save her.  McClane’s record versus bad guys waaay out of his league is astounding.  And I won’t even go into his compunction for killing.  Besides, if there is anyone harder to kill than a T-1000 it would be John McClane.  Its not called Die Easy folks.  
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