When you think of college what do you normally think of?  Well, you might say those all-night study sessions, hours of hanging out in the library, or maybe even haggling your Philosophy professor over that “B” he gave you on your paper about the merits of Buddhism in rural Alabama.  Of course you’re all wrong; it’s those killer keggers at the Alpha Beta Frat House while impregnating sorority girls!

Just imagine if you can live those glory days again, only this time with your dad being Rodney Dangerfield and your best friend being the future Tony Stark.  You get all that, and more, in the comedy classic “Back to School.”  Plus, you get one of the best high diving scenes in cinema history.  Take that “Diving In!”

A reoccurring theme in films where adults go back to school is both where they learn what it it’s like to be young again, and they redeem themselves.  What better beer to enjoy with “Back to School” than Russian River’s Redemption; a golden blonde ale that will make you do a Triple Lindy off the top of the bar.  At a mere 5.15% ABV, the beer is light, but still packs a flavorful punch to the palate.

However, there are times when you’re finished with Redemption and just want to go back to being a bastard, namely a dirty one, so crack open a Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, an 8.5% ABV brew that will get the frat party started.

So how about it, sit back, relax, pop “Back to School” into your laser disc, crack open a bottle of Redemption and Dirty Bastard (if you can find it) and feel the wrath of Sam Kinison, Satan rest his soul.

Enjoy the video companion to this review, and check back every week for another edition of Cinema and Suds.

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