Welcome back gore-whores, for another edition of Simply Horrifying.  Leaving season one behind, we now embark into season two of “Tales from the Crypt” where things really start to pick up steam.  Being that the first season only had six episodes, it’s pretty jarring to see that the sophomore season had a whopping 18 episodes.  Furthermore, a lot more celebrities (or at least celebrities from the early 90s) were showing up to star in episodes, as well as a few surprise directors, namely, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who directed the episode titled “The Switch.”

All in all, season two was a huge jump for the series and set the tone for seasons 3-4 (which I personally think are the two strongest seasons).  Dead Right, starring Demi Moore and the almost unrecognizable, Jeffrey Tambor, is a ghoulish little story about one woman’s desire to get rich quick.  The only problem is that she has to marry Charlie Marno, a loud, obnoxious, overweight man who might hold her key to a vast fortune.

Dead Right is a fun episode that ends with a nice twist that you should be used to if you’ve read the comics or are a veteran of the first season of “Tales.”

Click the link above for the full review, if you dare…….

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