Welcome back fiendish freaks to another edition of Simply Horrifying.

“Cutting Cards” the third episode from Season Three stars Lance Henriksen, who you might remember from “Aliens” and “Pumpkinhead” and Kevin Tighe, who you might remember even better from “Road House” and who played Locke’s Daddy in the TV series “Lost,” as two high stakes gamblers with a love/hate relationship with each other.

Of course you know how gamblers get once the stakes get high; first you lose some money, then you lose your dignity, next thing you know you’re playing Russian Roulette and are starting to lose fingers.  Hey, have you even been to Vegas?

This is Walter Hill’s second episode as the director, his first since the show’s inaugural episode, “The Man Who Was Death” which starred William Sadler, who also starred in the first “Tales From the Crypt” themed film, “Demon Knight.”

While the episode is silly, it’s still unnerving because you have to believe that there are plenty of people in the world that really do go this far when it comes to gambling.

Check out the full review above, if you dare…….

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