Last Week Tonight: Convalescing

When I first watched Last Week Tonight  it was the night of the premiere episode. I liked it a lot mostly because its a carbon copy of The Daily Show, which I love. After the episode I wanted to write a review but something seemed off about the show. It seemed fast like the rock from Raiders of the Lost Ark was coming and they figured lets get this over with as quick as possible and get the hell out. John Oliver was good, seemed a bit frighten but hey who can blame the guy. But I feel the amount covered in the episode was too much for the time given.

So I figure I’d wait till episode 2, maybe something will change. Okay so I clicked on my HBO GO (greatest thing since sliced bread) noticed the thumbnail of a interview and clicked play. I’m watching it on my TV eating breakfast, its Monday, the morning after and I enjoyed it. But again something seemed off. The show was about to be over and Oliver says to go online and watch the interview, then the show ends.

Wait, what?

Yes the interview wasn’t in the show, the interview thumbnail used for that very episode. I’m sure this is a simple mix up, okay shit happens I’ll wait till episode 3. But damn I wanted to watch that interview, the one I was expecting in the very show I clicked on. I don’t want to go online and watch it on my laptop.

Episode 3 is the best yet. It’s getter better with each episode because it finally took its time and focused on less stories.

LWT is here to stay.

Here is the thing that is good about this show, its the format. The format works fantastic. Comedy Central knows this and HBO saw a opportunity and took it. Good for them, having the format and no rules to follow like CC has too is fantastic. Anything goes, cursing is allowed to show the stupidity of the world and this makes it even better.  Like Oliver Said in episode 3,

“This isn’t network television, this is HBO. This is the wild wild west of sex and violence” 

By the way, Veep and Game Of Thrones is killing it this season.

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