Dear You,

We wanted to take this time and say a few things. We have been very busy in our free time updating and expanding the Simplistic Reviews Network. As you may have seen we’re now available on Stitcher, Tunein, Pocketcast and of course iTunes. The Android App has been updated with a ton of new features and some design changes (A whole new design is in the works for the future 😉 The Mobile App also has been updated and will be rolling out this weekend with a built in Podcast Player (if your browser supports it).

And now for the Big Announcement…

Today we have hit a milestone. Out with the old and in with the new!

Since September I have been tinkering with a new look for Simplistic Reviews. Simplistic Reviews now has a fresher, cleaner look but will still be the same old SR we love. It’s not just a complete visual change. The new site is also speedier by 30% and you will also have a direct stream at top right of the our current Podcast. Also you can now subscribe to receive reviews via email. Oh and Julie is our new search engine, its a hell a lot better then the old one.

I could list a log of changes but you will see soon for yourself.
For a lack of a better word the new site is, Simplistic!  

And a big Thanks to You! Because without you we couldn’t have made it this far!


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