It seems the Internet has been in a tizzy today after the release of the first of what will likely be quite a few trailers for the new”Ghostbusters” film. While some of the reaction has been positive, there are still quite a few people out there up in arms that their beloved quartet of proton pack-wielding demigod killers have been replaced with what could be a new beloved quartet of proton pack-wielding demigod killers.

While my initial reaction was somewhat positive, in case you don’t listen to our podcast you know the three of us have been pretty gun-shy to say this film will be any good, and yes, after immediately seeing the trailer some of my worries for squashed, but upon another few viewings, a few things starting sticking out to me to really did give me this “meh” feeling.

Here are a few things to consider:

I like seeing the old firehouse from the original films, it’s a nice piece of homage.
Now this is when things not so great…..I hoping there will be some work done on the CG, because this really isn’t cutting it….
More weird ghost CG…..
 I do like Kate McKinnon, a lot. I would assume she is playing the role of an Egon Spangler-type this time, but she looks like she might be stealing the show in this one.

This iteration of Ecto-1 (if that’s what they are going to call it) looks pretty good and I like it swerving past the arc near Washington Square Park
 The uniforms look pretty good, no real complaints here
 Again, more suspect CG….and……3D might be looming….oh boy…..

I guess this is supposed to be funny and/or sexual based on what McKinnon’s character is supposed to be developed into. We’ll see…..
 The proton pack beams do look pretty legit

My main gripe is the overall tone of the trailer, as it kind of gives you a little bit of the new with some weird new tones. I hope the “possession” angle of the film isn’t a major plot point and just happens to be a small scene. But we’ll see in July….

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