Stop the Spoilers

Dear Reviewers & Youtubers,

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman v Superman, we here at Simplistic Reviews have notice a very big problem. A problem so big that it only leads us to saying…
Most of you are stupid, egotistic, I need to get viewer/reader assholes.

Seriously it needs to stop with the spoilers.

Stop posting reviews with spoilers.

Stop tweeting spoilers.

Stop with the Youtube videos were all you do is spoil everything for everyone.

In regards to Batman v Superman:
A movie that doesn’t come out for 2 more days but seen by a lucky bunch 3 days ago, is already spoiled by them.

Wait 1 week from the opening date. Thats it. Just wait 1 week before spoiling anything.

It is not far to those who do not get the lucky privilege of seeing a film a whole 5 days before it comes out. Take us for an example. We are waiting for the earlier 1 day screening. Already we have had things thrown at us and it hasn’t even come out. We simply can not go on any form of online media because of this douchebaggery. We can’t even go on Instagram do to the need to spoil right away in the mofo comments.  

Wait 1 goddamn week! 



Planet Earth

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