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May 5, 2020

A Simplistic Review: The Lost Arcade

I grew up in arcades. They were my second home to be honest. But a lot has changed in the arcade since the early 1990s. Mainly, they just aren’t the same, they are extensions of a 10-year old’s room, full of consoles and a shocking lack of arcade cabinets. But some of the relics still live.

“The Lost Arcade” is a film about the TRIBAL nature of nostalgia and essentially how it’s hard to have nice things without people getting bent out of shape. Of course, I’m a hypocrite who loves nostalgia, but pop culture, from video games to ‘Star Wars’ to comic books has become a toxic blend of ‘us versus them’ with little room for discourse.

“Arcade” is a flimsy meditation on why change is hard for people and how letting go isn’t always easy, but it can be necessary to maybe find a way to create your own version of what you love and hold to be true.


  1. Kurt Vincent says:

    the TRIBAL nature of nostalgia? what?

    1. Matthew Stewart says:

      Tribal can be seen as a dirty word, understandably.

      You’re one of the filmmakers on this project, how would you describe nostalgia and how it’s turned into a “us v them” debate most of the time with lines usually drawn in the sand.

      Either way, thanks for the quick glance.

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