I’m always down for a zombie gore-fest. Sure it’s a genre that’s been done to death, and ‘The Walking Dead’ has pretty much buried it, but there is still room for some new ideas. Right?

Well, I won’t say “Yummy” is breaking any type of new ground. It’s a bloody, gory, sexual, gooey, sometimes problematic ( at least one of the characters) story of survival in Russian wellness/plastic surgery hospital where we find out that the doctors aren’t really practicing the Hippocratic Oath.

You could say ‘Yummy’ is STACKED with all the blood and guts you might need from a tale that takes some cues lead from films like ‘Dead Alive, and ‘Resident Evil.’

Director, Lars Damoiseaux, find a fun way to turn his 2016 short, ‘Patient Zero’ into a feature length film that holds your attention once the sh*t really hits the fan. The only time things slow down for me is schmaltzy love story between Alison, who is visiting the hospital to have a breast reduction, and her put-upon boyfriend, Michael. The connection never really worked for, but hey, I was just waiting for the zombies to show up and get the party started.

Overall, ‘Yummy’ has its moments, one in particular that involves some rubbing alcohol, fire, and and fire extinguisher is a stand-out for me, and gore-hounds will certainly find something to sink their teeth into. My gripes include a thin plot and some pacing issues, but these are quibbles considering my gore quota was fulfilled.

“Yummy” will be ON DEMAND at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival. Find all the films and their schedule right HERE.

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