What is it about aliens that love to beam us up, play with our orifices, feed us psychotic nightmare fuel and drop us back down on Earth to tell the story. I mean, we thought Randy Quaid had it bad in “Independence Day” or D.B Sweeney in “Fire in the Sky.”

Imagine all that, but also being high out of your mind on heroin and some mystery drug that a ‘friend’ just gave you after hearing a discourse on the racism of Disney and Mickey Mouse…oh, and said alien that was just probing you decided to hitch a ride and cruise the seedy side of Johannesburg for a couple of nights.

Well, first I’d say WOO! But after witnessing “Fried Barry” I might rethink that stance.

“Barry” is “Under the Skin” while both Richard Stanley and Gaspar Noe decided to combine their efforts to give us the alien film we not only deserve, but secretly want deep down. Throw in a little “E.T.” and you’re well on your way to understanding what you’re getting into with this wild, hallucinatory ride.

Director Ryan Kruger injects non-stop adrenaline directly into your eyeballs with sex, drugs, and techno (sorry rock and roll). Barry, when we meet him, is a deadbeat, drug addict, but with the help of some off-world visitors, changes the lives of anyone he meets, some more than others of course.

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world experience, hitch a ride with “Fried Barry,” which is one you’ll soon not forget.

“Fried Barry” will have it’s World Premier at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival. Find all the films and their schedule right HERE.

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