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August 21, 2020

Fantasia Fest 2020: PVT CHAT

2020 | Drama | 1hr 26min

Jack is an internet gambler living in NYC who becomes fixated on Scarlet – a cam girl from San Francisco. His obsession reaches a boiling point when fantasy materializes in reality and Jack sees Scarlet on a rainy Chinatown street.

So far without any hesitation PVT CHAT is the best film I’ve watched here at Fantasia Film Fest 2020.

This erotic drama sucks you in. You’ll find yourself beginning to obsess with the obsession of the characters, which is very alluring. Everyone wants something in this dark NYC world and abuse is just a part that comes with it. Doesn’t matter if it’s sex, money or even suicide, it is there for anyone to take.

Julia Fox and Peter Vack really shine. Vack’s journey of obsession from the start is intriguing. Fox’s online personality as Scarlet is captivating and her real life personality (in film) is distressing.

Ben Hozie’s take on this world of camming is engrossing and had me obsessing for more. I’m really looking forward to what he has in store for the future.

You need to check it out – Grab a cigarette, take out that black leather jumpsuit and give this a look over:

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