JERSEY stand up!

‘Class Action Park’ is one wild ride, and a story that many outside the Garden City Parkway, Manhattan, or around the Vernon, New Jersey area might know about.

Remember a couple of years ago when Johnny Knoxville created a little film called “Action Point?” Well, yeah, he created it, but who really cares at this point.

‘Park’ is in the same ilk as other HBO Documentary series like ‘McMillions’ where it shares little pieces of Americana that are almost too crazy to be true.

Well, when you hear it from the lips of comedians like Chris Gethard and Alison Becker, who have now qualms about how people in Jersey don’t five a single f*ck, you know it was real at Action Park.

While you get to see the insaneness of the former staff and their stories that would make the Marquis de Sade blush, you also peel back the curtain on the corruption, shady deals, death, and anguish the park caused over its almost 20-year history. It’s all fun and games until someone drowns in the wave pool or gets electrocuted, right?

The tale of Action Park is one of nostalgia. A tale of latch key kids in the 80s and how you would ride your bike until the moon was high in the sky. A time of parental neglect, essentially the complete opposite of how kids are raised now.

There will never be another Action Park. Is that good?

‘Class Action Park’ was screened on August 22nd, 2020, and will premier on HBO Max on August 28th, 2020. Check out the trailer HERE

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