First, a poem.

There once was a guy from New York

His religion said he couldn’t eat pork

He studied at Yale

But that soon turned stale

And he has no relation to Bjork

I’m sure The Bard is taking a dump right now, wherever he is, laughing about the noise his farts make, and thinking how much this limerick sucks.

Well, I might not be the next Francis Bacon, and POETRY certainly isn’t my thing, but I’ll tell you what; what you’ll see in Troma’s latest; ‘#Shakespear’s Shitstorm,’ will certainly change the way you see, feel, and taste of old Billy the Bard.

Lloyd Kaufman’s take on “The Tempest” is truly a shitstorm of epic proportions. And that’s no figure of speech. There is literally shit everywhere and no societal group is left without a little bit of Uncle Lloydie’s fecal matter on them.

In short, this film isn’t for everyone. Outside of the ‘The Toxic Avenger’ which while batshit crazy and bonkers, there is still a semblance of commercial appeal and isn’t all that offensive. I mean they had toys and a f*cking Saturday Morning Cartoon. ‘Shitstorm’ will likely not be granted the same honors of it’s fore-bearer.

Honestly, a film that stirs the pot is always welcome in my book. There is typical Troma dick, puke, and fart jokes, and in the hashtag world we live in, there are plenty of pokes to the eye to all groups that join in on that bandwagon.

Does it go to far? That’s debatable. Yes, humor has been forced to change in an ever ‘woke’ world, but comedians like Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr continue to push the envelope and point out the hypocritical nature of certain activists, and Lloyd Kaufman and Troma follow in that tradition, only they pull their pants down and take a giant crap on the whole thing.

‘#Shakespear’s Shitstorm’ will make it’s World Premier at the Fantasia Fest 2020. Check out the trailer and details HERE.

And catch up with everything else Troma right HERE.

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