Based off of a real Craigslist post of the same name, Come Fuck My Robot follows the story of Brian—an out of work, loveless loser who happens upon a job posting by an engineer looking for someone to sleep with a prototype sex robot. Upon arriving to the reclusive engineer’s lavish home, Brian quickly realizes this may not be for him as the robot refuses to give consent. The two begin to have a conversation, and realize that they are not sounalike.

The biggest problem with Come Fuck My Robot was the fact it’s only 12 mins long.

This proof of concept for a feature is entertaining, almost Black Mirror like, that at it’s core is an examination on consent. CFMR kills it with a wacky story, a great cast, wonderful cinematography that’s dark and funny but touches on some serious current issues that we are dealing with today.

I see high potential from this production, and hope it catches the right eye to be made into a full-length feature, until then I’ll be waiting eagerly.

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