I may not be the leading expert in kung-fu and martial arts flicks, but I do know a good buddy action comedy when I see one.

‘The Paper Tigers’ the feature debut from Bao Tran, is BUSTING with heart, humor, nostalgia and of course some pretty cool fighting that blurs the lines between ‘damn, that was cool,’ and ‘geesh, that really looks like it hurt.’

Our trifecta of Tigers, Danny, Hing and Jim, used to own the streets; BUSTING jaws, BUSTING dojos, and of course BUSTING a gut while clowning on their inferiors. Now 30 years later, the party is over and staring down middle age burnout, with the complication of their murdered master, has them re-opening old wounds and trying to fix their fractured brotherhood.

Shot around Seattle, you feel like there is a slight specter of Bruce Lee floating in the air, but it never overshadows our heroes or makes a point that this is going to be a homage to the late kung-fun master. Instead, Tran weaves a story, that while thrilling and often times very funny, is almost a deconstruction of films from The Shaw Brothers and even beloved 80s nostalgia like ‘The Karate Kid.’ You don’t expect your heroes to end up in mini vans with a bluetooth or stuck with a bad knee, or simply forgetting their teachings. But ‘Tigers’ brings that front and center.

‘The Paper Tigers’ will it’s World Premier on August 30th during the Fantasia International Film Festival. For more info on the film, click HERE

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