Picture this; you create a comic about silly little characters that live in a house, are super mellow, and happen to pee into a toilet standing up and when one of them asks the party in question why they did that, the answer is…

“Feels Good, Man.”

Now what would you tell me if these innocent, fun-loving, anthropomorphic creatures that were rooming together, eating pizza, peeing with their pants down, namely Pepe the Frog, a sleepy, innocent, all-around good amphibian, would be HIJACKED by the worst people on the Internet, turned into a symbol of hate, and was a harbinger of a certain person who would become the 45th President?

“Feels Sad, Man.”

As clichéd as it might always sound; we live in strange times. We live in a society where the most nefarious and unscrupulous have motives to take something and twist it into their visage and create their very own totem, symbol, or rallying cry.

Sadly, poor Pepe became a meme for bodybuilders, 4Chan trolls, and finally a lapel pin for people like Richard Spencer and the alt-right.

‘Feels Good Man’ feels like a cruel joke at times. The creator of Pepe and his buddies in the ‘boy’s club’ seems like a good dude. But his naivety led to his intellectual property, again, being HIJACKED. The tale of Matt Furie realizing the bastardization of his creation is a real life horror story, and his attempts in regaining it goes from cringe-inducing to his final fight again Alex Jones and his ‘Info Wars’ collective.

For more info on ‘Feels Good Man’ click HERE.

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