Imagine coming home after a long shift at work only to realize it’s Halloween and you’ve got quite the treat waiting in your kitchen; namely a clear upset dude who has another dude tied up and ready to interrogate. I don’t think you’d be too excited to hand out any Milky Ways.

If you’re a fan of ‘Assault on on Precinct 13,’ ‘Death and the Maiden’ and the up close and personal violence of Sam Peckinpah, than I’m more than happy to DIRECT you to ‘For the Sake of Vicious.’

The direction is claustrophobic and traps you in the middle of the fray. As the title informs, things do get a bit ‘vicious.’ The violence amps up quickly and once it starts it doesn’t let up.

There are a couple of gripes to contend with as it pertains to character development and motives. It never feels all that fleshed out as to why things are happening, and it can get a little murky.

Perhaps with a little more runtime we could have gotten into some deeper character arcs. Directors Gabriel Carrer & Reese Eveneshen choose to be more direct with their tidy 81-minutes and gives us a violence-laden exploitation thriller that gets the job done.

‘For the Sake of Vicious’ will have it’s World Premier at Fantasia Fest 2020. For more information on the flick, click HERE.

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