Date nights can be tricky. It always comes down to the simple question;

“What do you wanna do tonight?”

“I don’t know, what do you wanna do tonight?”

Honestly, it can grow exhausting. But when you have an apartment full of items that would make Aleister Crowley red-faced, how could someone decide. And once you bust out that Monkey’s Paw, we’ll, lets just say that’s where the fun really starts.

The horror short, ‘We Got a Monkey’s Paw’ is a CRAFTY little take on the classic tale of the aforementioned severed primate’s foot. With reference after reference, the 8+ minutes is well worth the watch, and re-watch, to make sure you can catch all the little quips and clever horror winks and nods.

Zombie moms, time travel, haunted mirrors, cursed chests, the eye for detail is loads of fun, and even if you’re busy studying basic economics, or even on an apartment hunt on a Saturday afternoon, there is sometime you’ll point a finger at your screen and say, “hey, that’s good.”

The short will be streaming on Alter September 18th and will be available to watch through these links:





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