This year’s Nashville Film Festival will join an ever growing number of festivals this year that have decided to embrace the virtual experience.

Being one of the longest running film festivals in the country, we are happy to be a part of the NashFilm community and are truly excited to help in covering the 2020 edition.

Here are just some of the films that caught our eyes in this 51st edition


In the Year of Covid-19, I’m sure many of us have spent a lot of time at home with our dogs, or maybe even decided to foster or adopt a good boy or a good girl, a film like ‘We Don’t Deserve Dogs’ seems like a film that we can all relate to. Because honestly; why do humans deserve to have something so loyal or capable of unconditional love and companionship?


I love a good throwback, 1970s-style, spoof comedy. Plus, I have two words for you; Aparna Nancheria, who is an absolute delight in pretty much anything she does.

Check out the trailer HERE

SIBERIA (2020)

Willem Defoe continues to push the limit of his ‘I’m-a-little-crazy-when-I-find-myself-in-a-remote-location’ acting roles. With the help of Abel Ferrara, this seems like a match made in surreal, dream-like cinema.


Brian Tyree Henry is about one film away from being the household name he needs to be, and ‘The Outside Story’ might be that one film (aside from him being in a Marvel film, which is happening with ‘The Eternals.)

Backing Henry up is a Murderer’s Row of talent with Sonequa Martin-Green, Asia Kate Dillion, and Sunita Mani.

Check out the trailer HERE


Director John Dower loves the 1970s. From the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’ to the New York Cosmos, he is a machine when it comes to history from the era.

Now he brings us his telling of one of the FBIs greatest mysteries; D.B. Cooper and the money he took.

This is merely a sample size of the goodness from this year’s festivals. Click HERE to see what else is playing.

The 2020 Nashville Film Festival runs virtually from October 1-7, 2020.

Get your tickets HERE

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