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October 4, 2020

SR at the 2020 Nashville Film Fest: ‘The Outside Story’ Is Pure Schmaltz, and That’s Not All Bad

‘The Outside Story’ is part of our coverage for the 2020 Nashville Film Festival. Check out the rest of their film slate HERE.

I love films shot in New York. There is a certain aura to them. It’s a dynamic city that is both new and old at the same time. A city with any type of person, nationality, creed, and sexual preference.

‘The Outside Story’ is a NEIGHBORLY film that is equal parts schmaltz and predictability, but with a cast this charming and quirky, it’s difficult to hate.

We all know Brian Tyree Henry is a star in the making, if not already one that is about one role away from being a household name. His character of Charles is one that we can all relate to; a shut-in who is stuck in a rut with a thankless job and coming off a recent breakup. After being locked out of his apartment he is forced to walk the streets of Brooklyn and meet a number of interesting neighbors while, get this; learning the valuable lesson that when you’re down in the dumps, it’s time to leave the house. Or something like that.

An equally likable supporting cast keeps the film chugging along and you’ll get a chuckle or two while hijinks ensue and Charles discovers that life’s too short to stop living your best life.

Sure, the pessimistic notion is that ‘Story’ is just another film about boy loves girl, girl leaves boy, and boy is sad about girl leaving, and that’s valid, but perhaps that pessimism only comes from those people that haven’t had a break-up or been stuck in that rut post-breakup. Either way, sometimes you need something like this film to just make you feel like things might just end up okay.

Check out the trailer for ‘The Outside Story’ right HERE.

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