Well, the reviews site and podcast your mother warned you about is ready for another year of Fantasia Fest! But this isn’t just any Fantasia Fest; it’s their 25th Anniversary of screener and celebrating some of the best genre films in the entire world.

All corners of the globe are represented, from Estonia to Japan, and beyond. And yes, Covid is still a bummer and travel is still restricted, but Fantasia, being the fantastic festival it is, has decided to go virtual again. And that’s where we come in.

While we aren’t traveling to the Great White North, we have a ton of films to dive into for this 25th Edition of the Fest.

Here are the 13 films we have our eyes on. In no particular order of course.

The Sadness 2021 Taiwan

Filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic, director Rob Jabbaz’s version of Taiwan looks like a blood-soaked gore-fest; and it looks glorious and demented. A rabies-like virus infects and brings out the worst in it’s victims in what might be the arterial spray dream that fans zombies have been craving.

Bull 2021 United Kingdom

Neil Maskell as a just-out-of-jail ex-gang enforcer looking for revenge. Sign us up. David Hayman backs Maskell up in which should be an interesting, and violent, British crime flick.

Straight to VHS 2021 Uruguay

Part feature film, part documentary. ‘Straight to VHS’ looks like a sleazy dream come true. One director’s search for the creator of the 1989 Uruguayan film, ‘Act of Violence in a Young Journalist’ looks like a fun ride into madness and obsession.

Alien on Stage 2020 United Kingdom

‘Alien on Stage’ looks the right amount of cornball amateur acting and might-make-you-tear-up-a-bit documentary filmmaking. A pack of English bus drivers decide to put on a serious play of ‘Alien’ on. What could go wrong?

The Deep House 2021 France

An underwater haunted house story that just gives me the shivers thinking about it. From Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, the directors who already know how to get under your skin (think ‘Inside’) ‘The Deep House’ looks like it fits everyone’s worst fears into one film.

We Are the Menstruators 2021 Canada

I’ve been a fan of Nadia G since her cooking show “Bitchin’ Kitchen.” It was the right amount of camp, but you also got to see her cook (with the obligatory shot of whatever shoes she was wearing during the episode). This doc takes us on her adventure in punk rock while navigating personal and professional obstacles. This NERD will definitely be checking it out.

Opération Luchador 2021 Canada

Much like the movies of old that starred El Santo, ‘Opération Luchador’ stars The Golden Angel as he takes on Hitler and the Third Reich during World War II. I’ll pay anything to see Hitler catch a piledriver.

You Can’t Kill Meme 2021 USA

Just like one of my favorites from last year’s Fantasia Fest, ‘Feels Good Man,’ ‘You Can’t Kill Meme’ dives even deeper into the dark world of the Internet and meme culture or ‘memetic magic.’ While I know this is going to likely bum me out, something compels me to watch.

Baby Money 2021 USA

This might be my ‘For the Sake of Vicious’ of this year’s festival.

The Great Yokai War: Guardians 2021 Japan

16 years after “The Great Yokai War” the immortal Takashi Miike comes back to the yokai universe with “The Great Yokai War: Guardians.” Being a fan of the first film back in 2005, I’m interested in going back into this universe after so many years.

Prisoners of the Ghostland 2021 USA

We should all be so lucky to be in this era of Nic Cage and what he’s giving us on screen. ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ features a pretty nice cast, with the likes of Sophia Boutella and Nick Cassavetes backing up Cage in what seems like “Escape from New York” in a neon-soaked futuristic Japan (of sorts).

Wonderful Paradise 2020 Japan

A mansion with a linty of madcap characters and monsters where hilarity and insanity ensues in “Wonderful Paradise.” Watching the trailer is only adds to the “what the hell” aura of this film, and I can’t wait to dive in head first.

Hotel Poseidon 2021 Belgium

In what I might compare to a horror version of “Four Rooms,” “Hotel Poseidon” looks like the surreal trip I’m looking for during Fantasia.

Fantasia Fest will run from August 5th 2021 to August 25th 2021

Check out the complete list of films on the docket right HERE

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