If one thing is certain; don’t get on Neil Maskell’s bad side.

Just don’t.

In the new British crime flick ‘Bull’, Maskell plays the titular title character; a violent gangster who is double-crossed by his employer and fellow criminals and reappears 10 years later with revenge on his mind.

To say this is Maskell at his most brutal might seem hyperbole if you’ve seen what he’s done in the forever genius, and sadly American-remade, TV series ‘Utopia’ or even ‘Kill List,’ but trust me, he takes his bloodlust to new levels in ‘Bull.’

Clocking in at a brisk runtime of under 90 minutes, there is little time wasted in witnessing Bull’s quest for revenge against those who did him wrong, including the fantastic David Hayman, who plays Bull’s short-fused, and equally sadistic boss, Norm.

As the body count mounts, we get a glimpse into Bull’s past with flashbacks of him and his son Aiden, the single thing that shows the small amount of humanity he has left in his deteriorating marriage and strained relationship with Norm and the rest of his crew.

Ultimately, the tie that binds this film together, whether it’s Bull or Norm, is the love and protection of their children, but any means necessary, which usually leads to death and mayhem.

Filmed during the on-going Covid 19 pandemic, ‘Bull’ feels real and lived in, and with a small cast you feel that every actor has a chance to shine and they matter to the story as Bull’s revenge reaches it climax, which a twist that works for me, and I honestly didn’t see coming, but some might say is slightly unearned.

‘Bull,’ from Signature Entertainment had it’s World Premier at this year’s Fantasia Fest. Click HERE for the trailer.

Fantasia Fest 2021 runs this year from August 5th to the 25th.

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