There are movies that just get it. The understand the attention span of people and how to grab their attention right away and make every moment on the screen counts. With only 70 minutes, ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ make every scene count and creates an experience that feels fresh, fun, and all together and downright CHARMING.

Filmed in pretty much one location and using enough clever film tricks to make us think this is one single cut, ‘Beyond’ is the sci-fi equivalent of ‘One Cut of the Dead’ that includes a quirky cast of characters, just enough suspense, and of course a story so ridiculous that you’ll scratch your head and think, “hmmm, maybe time travel is real?”

If you’re searching for a feel good flick where the comedy and antics are aplenty and you’ll fall in love with the cast and what they really want to get our of their ‘Time TV,’ take a trip and check out ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes.’

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