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April 22, 2015

SR Podcast (Ep. 45): Slaughter High – Movie Commentary: April 2015

Movie Commentary Time!

Slaughter High

1986 – 90 mins – Slasher/Horror

Today we watch and make fun of the 90 min B-Slasher film, Slaughter High. We know what you are saying, “It’s finally here!” Since the Podcast gang has been talking about Slaughter High numerous times on Podcasts and even a episode on Unboxing/Reviews.

Slaughter High is about eight people that are invited to their 10-year high school reunion at their now-closed down high school where a former student, disfigured from a prank gone wrong, is there to seek revenge. Simple and to the point but it’s got its issues.

Slaughter High is a fun, entertaining film of which everyone should see. If you haven’t this is the perfect time to watch!

Also this Movie Commentary is sponsor by Tide Stick!

Remember kids, if you go on a murderous rampage bring along a Tide Stick!

May 4, 2014

The Simplistic Reviews Podcast: April 2014 Late Edition

On this late edition of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast, Matt, DJ, and Justin try to catch up on the month that was April.  They take their turn ridiculing soon to be former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling then debut a new game called Simply Lying.  The losers of this game will have to watch and review the 2004 film Torque.  Yeah, they’d have been better off fighting to the death.  We do get a pretty decent Terrence Howard impersonation from Matthew out of it and learn some of the lesser known criminal activities of Samuel L. Jackson.  That, reactions to Star Wars casting, Julie’s descent into HYDRA and much much more on this episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

 Show Notes:
DJ’s Hidden Princess Bride Reference
X-Men Days Of Future Past
Donald Sterling
Hail Hydra
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Music Notes:
Birds & Brass By Sort Of Soul
Liar Liar By The Castaways
Lawyers, Guns, And Money By Warren Zevon
The Best By Tina Turner

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April 1, 2014

Sizzling Bacon


Sizzling Bacon – Hypnotizing

There are many days where I think to myself, “I have 20 minutes of excess time; what should I do with myself?”  Well, today was my lucky day.  Deciding to log into Netflix for a moment I noticed on the homepage….”Sizzling Bacon.”  Hmmmm, I figured, “why not” and strapped myself in for 20 minutes of the most hypnotizing bacon cooking in recent memory.

*Of course, and before I get into this “review” this is Netflix April Fool’s prank, so stay with me on this one*

So, “Sizzling Bacon,” how do I explain this one.  As per Netflix “Sizzling Bacon” is “The boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful, “Memento”-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.” You had me at “Memento.”

Wathcing “Bacon” was quite the experience.  Normally at home I’m only able to cook bacon from beginning to end.  In 20 minutes I was able to experience how bacon should really be cook; from end to beginning in a sexy cast iron skillet.  Like I said, hypnotizing.

Hopefully this is a turn for Netflix, who I’m sure is trying to corner to backwards food cooking demographic that it so desperately needs in order to rule the world. If “Sizzling Bacon” is any indication, I don’t think there is anyway to stop them now.  What’s next; “Smoking Sausage,” “Baking Bananas” “Broiling Bratwurst” “Grilling Steaks.” One can only hope….

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