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September 13, 2013

Simplistic Reviews Presents: Cinema and Suds, Dogma and Weyerbacher Blasphemy Quadruple Ale

Hot topics are something we don’t do too often on Simplistic Reviews, but when something happens we don’t just sit idly by and not interject an opinion.  So here we go; who do you think gives better foot massages?  Vince Vega or Jules Winfield.  But in all seriousness…..who?

I’ll let you sit on that for a few while I get into this edition of Cinema and Suds.  Now, religion is always a hot topic issue.  People either love it or hate it and people usually really hate it when you make funny of their fairy ta…..I mean beliefs.  Some might even call it blasphemy, which brings me to today’s beer.

Blasphemy, by Pennsylvania brewery, Weyerbacher, is a big-time Belgian-style Quadruple (11.8% ABV) aged in whiskey barrels.  Now if that doesn’t help you find Jesus, I’m not sure what will.  So while you’re enjoying this beer of biblical proportions, why not throw in a film of even biblicalalalala proportions (yeah, I just made up that word).  Kevin Smith’s “Dogma” is a searing look at Catholicism that stars some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and Jason Mewes (I kid, I kid).

So pull out your Buddy Christ (no, not that one), pop open a bottle of Blasphemy, and exercise some demons.  Boy, a foot massage would feel good right about now…..

Enjoy the video companion to this review, and check back every week for another edition of Cinema and Suds.

August 9, 2013

Simplistic Reviews Presents: Cinema and Suds, Hot Fuzz and New Belgium Sunshine Wheat

It’s not a mystery that beer goes with anything.  Just ask your drunk uncle when he shows up at Thanksgiving having started at 6 am, reading The Washington Post while on the toilet.  Hey man, Miller Time is any time! So with that image of your uncle on the toilet in mind, get ready for “Cinema and Suds” a new weekly series from Simplistic Reviews.

To kick things off, the work of Edgar Wright meets craft beer from Colorado as “Hot Fuzz” is paired with New Belgium’s Sunshine Wheat Ale, a refreshing ale brewed with spices.  “Fuzz,” starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are cops in a sleepy English town, but as people start ending up dead in some particular gruesome ways, a conspiracy is uncovered that the unlikely duo must thwart.  What does this have to do with New Belgium Sunshine Wheat?  Well, nothing really, but I’ll try and make something up to give it credence.

“Fuzz” is a fun film where you can turn your brain off and enjoy it as an action parody, which it’s meant to be.  Sunshine is a low ABV beer (ABV is short for Alcohol By Volume, of course) clocking in at 4.8% so you can knock back quite a few during the course of “Fuzz.”  Or hey, play a drinking game whenever mention is made to “Point Break,” “Bad Boys,” or “Bad Boys 2.”  That would be perfectly acceptable with Sunshine Wheat.

Enjoy the video companion to this review, and check back every week for another edition of Cinema and Suds.

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