(Ep. 162): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – July 2021

It’s America’s birthday so the boys at Simplistic Reviews are throwing a party full of patriotism and pride and…potshots at Hollywood and painful impressions and petty arguments about Batman films. After the opening send-up on Top Gun, the boys get theoretical with another edition of Believable Or Bullshit. Julie’s latest diary entry follows that and then the return of one of our favorite games…Simplistic Fisticuffs.

(Ep. 160): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – June 2021

Yo June! On this latest edition of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast, the boys discuss everything from Woody Allen to Woody from Toy Story…from Henry Golding to Henry Cavill…from Willy Wonka to Big Willy Smith. All that, several Real American jibes at the classic GI Joe animated series and underhanded jokes at Steven Seagal’s expense on episode 160 of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.

(Ep. 158): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – May 2021

On this May Day edition of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, the boys swoon over Tony Scott films, James Spader, the Captain America trilogy, and Artemis Fowl. One of those things aren’t true. You’ll have to listen to find out which and to hear a lot more on the latest episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.