(Ep. 162): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – July 2021

It’s America’s birthday so the boys at Simplistic Reviews are throwing a party full of patriotism and pride and…potshots at Hollywood and painful impressions and petty arguments about Batman films. After the opening send-up on Top Gun, the boys get theoretical with another edition of Believable Or Bullshit. Julie’s latest diary entry follows that and then the return of one of our favorite games…Simplistic Fisticuffs.

(Ep. 160): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – June 2021

Yo June! On this latest edition of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast, the boys discuss everything from Woody Allen to Woody from Toy Story…from Henry Golding to Henry Cavill…from Willy Wonka to Big Willy Smith. All that, several Real American jibes at the classic GI Joe animated series and underhanded jokes at Steven Seagal’s expense on episode 160 of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.

(Ep. 158): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – May 2021

On this May Day edition of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, the boys swoon over Tony Scott films, James Spader, the Captain America trilogy, and Artemis Fowl. One of those things aren’t true. You’ll have to listen to find out which and to hear a lot more on the latest episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.

(Ep. 156): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – April 2021

On the April Edition of the Simplistic Reviews podcast, the boys explain their disgust for Easter candy, Matthew comes up with a new invention that’ll make billions, a special guest priest hear their sins for Simplistic Confessional, and torpedoes are away in another game of Simplistic Submarine. All that and a bunny dies…just kidding…or am I? (Ahem) All that and more on this episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.

(Ep. 154): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – March 2021

You’re are gonna need the luck of the Irish to get through this St. Patrick’s Day episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast without laughing your ass off. The boys weigh in on Shamrock shakes, the proper name for sprinkles, Cruella de Vil, JJ Abrams, WandaVision, and Dom DeLuise. We know…it’s a weird show. Julie also has another entry in her diary centering around Gina Carano, Matt and Justin try and guess what’s in DJ’s pockets, and Raiden and Skeletor make an appearance. All that and more on this full pint of fun known as the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

(Ep. 152): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – February 2021

The Simplistic Reviews Podcast is back with a brand new, double-sized, extra strength show sure to offend someone out there. Just the way we like it. The boys discuss the possible future of Hollywood in the segment Believable or Bullsh%*. They give their thoughts on the new Marvel show WandaVision, causing DJ to call out all Marvel haters including Ethan Hawke in TV Roundup. And they break down some tough choices in the return of the game Kill F%*k Marry.

All that and more on this not so romantic February edition of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

(Ep. 150): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – January 2021

Break your New Year’s resolutions early and enter the world of the Simplistic Reviews podcast. This month, the boys celebrate the end of 2020…briefly. They then delve into what dessert they are gonna gorge themselves on to assuage their depression from the prolonged doom of the pandemic. But don’t worry…it’s all fun and games as they play four of their favorite movie games to entertain you: 

1. Take The F%*king Elephant…a game based on guessing the eerily similar films of Liam Neeson.2. Simplistic Titles…a game based on figuring out which films Valentine describes is real or fake.3. Simplistic Death…a game based on guessing a film based only on the description on how the bad guy dies in the end.4. Simplistic Switcheroo…a game in which the gang theorizes which actor could do another actor’s career better.

All that and so much more on this Auld Acquaintance Episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

The Simplistic Reviews Year In Review 2020 Special

To close out the year, we thought it would be fun to look back on all the sketches we’ve done in 2020. Julie is your guide as we go from a John Rambo-esque rant on the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, to the two part Sesame Street Syndicate sketch, to He-Man and the Transformers messing about, to Doctor Doom dentistry, to Scream Shenanigans, to Home Alone fallout, and all the great sketches in between…with a little behind the scenes stuff thrown in. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one last silly show before the year is out.

(Ep. 148): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – December 2020

Holiday Hijinks come once a year, and with The Simplistic Reviews here, you should have no fear!After all the good tidings 2020 has given us, its time to head to The First Korean Church of SR as confessional gets sexy in the newest segment; “Simplistic Confessional with Father Polizzi.”Blue Collar Comedy and The Kings of Comedy talk, Matt giving people their signs, DJ creaming over the life’s work of Aaron Sorkin, and so much more in this festive edition of the highest rated podcast of recently divorced dads who are planning on creating an OnlyFans Page to pay for their child support; The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

(Ep. 146): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – November 2020

 Batman, the Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, Walter Vinci from First Time Watchers…seriously, a whole bunch of people show up on this special Election Edition of the Simplistic Reviews podcast. The boys politic about Hollywood news in the return of Can You Dig It. Julie’s Diary reveals your favorite announcer’s stance on the upcoming election…kinda. And the boys pick the winners to a couple of battles to the death in another round of Simplistic Fisticuffs. So do your constitutional duty and listen to this brand new episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.