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March 4, 2016

3 Simplistic Things: February 2016

Matt here again with 3 Simplistic Things that I’m sure you heard happened in February, but I”m going to tell you anyway.

 1. Launch of Viceland

This is something that I’m sure a lot of people missed, because honestly, if you could find me three people that watched H2 (History Channel’s sister station) I would call you a liar. VICE, on the other hand, is pretty much a household name, thanks to HBO’s weekly news show. Now, H2 is a distant memory and enter, Viceland. Full of original, compelling content, including weekly shows featuring rapper Action Bronson, LGBT crusader, Ellen Page, and much more, Viceland is TV at it’s finest.

2. The Return of Broad City

Abbi and Illana are back for more New York adventures as season three of Broad City returned to Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. While I can honestly say the season premier was a little bit of a letdown from the series premier and the season two premier, episode two was a vast improvement. I guess my issue with this season so far as been that two of the three highest rated episodes of the season have been this season. Has no one seen “Pussy Weed” or “Kirk Steele” or “Hashtag FOMO?” Oh well, maybe I’m just cranky….

3. I guess we won the Deadpool

Who’d of thought that an R-Rated Comic Book flick is, and quite possibility could be one of the highest grossing films of the year? I didn’t that see that one coming from “Deadpool.” What can be said about “Deadpool” is that they got it right. Fox had a property that they chose to take a gamble with, and let it become an organic thing in-and-of-itself, and it’s paying off….and paying, and paying, and paying.

That’s it for this month, kthnxbye!

September 17, 2015


Self/less: Satisfaction 
117 mins / Thriller / 2015

It’s a movie we’ve seen a hundred times before but despite that, I was honesty entertained.  The ending I thought was good, Reynolds was Reynolds and Ben Kingsley is always a joy to watch. There haven’t been any good films to watch lately on a day off so I wasn’t expecting much.

After viewing I didn’t feel like my time was wasted but instead for 117 minutes I was entertained. One issue I had was with the company that transferred consciousness to a new body, run by Matthew Goode. For them being hidden from the outside is a big deal. Yet they do something very stupid that gets them caught and this creates a large plot hole.   

Plot Hole (Maybe Spoiler)

Ben Kingsley is dying so he spends money for a new body using this secret company that apparently a few people know about :/ That new body was Ryan Reynolds, which Kingsley was told is brand new. Everything is working out till he finds out the body isn’t new and instead was a father who sold his body to save his dying daughter. This is a shitty oversight on them. They can do this amazing thing yet they risk everything without doing a little plastic surgery on the new but used body. Sure the memory is still there but this would of help from the wife not recognizing her dead husband.

Even with this I enjoyed it. It’s not fantastic but it is entertaining. Oh and I really don’t care for that title. Looks too much like Face/Off.

August 30, 2012

The Change Up

The Change Up: SUCKS

O my…this film sucks!

It is not a good movie…Nope not even funny bad. Just wow this sucks, this sucks a lot.

Seriously did anyone read the script? It’s clearly not funny, so why make it?

This film is nowhere near somewhat funny. The only parts that this film thinks it’s funny is that gross stuff. Like kids shitting beyond what would be considered healthy, cuz holy shit take that kid to the hospital clearly that’s not healthy.

It angers me that stupid shit like this film gets made and some good scripts don’t.

Only reason to watch this would be the beautiful Olivia Wilde…

But I’ll just place a photo of her here. That way you don’t have to watch it since I just told you she is in it…

Oh good things are better now. So to sum things up, since the whole time I was on my phone googling ways to kill myself when watching this film…It sucks DON’T WATCH…let’s move on now, okay…

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