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Silent Night Deadly Night

December 25, 2016

(Ep. 80): Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2 – Movie Commentary: December 2016

Merry Christmas! From Simplistic Reviews

Silent Night, Deadly Night: Part 2

1987R‧ Drama/Slasher1h 28min


The sequel picks up on Christmas Eve some years after the first movie, with Ricky Caldwell, the 18-year-old brother of the first film’s killer, now being held in a mental hospital, awaiting trial for a series of murders that he committed. While being interviewed by the psychiatrist Dr. Henry Bloom, Ricky tells the story of the murders his brother Billy committed throughout a series of several flashbacks using footage from the original film. These flashbacks have new shots to make Ricky appear in more of Billy’s original story.

To say Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is a good movie is an understatement. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is the greatest movie ever! Come on this is a fun movie to watch. You really have to give it to the team for making a 1hr 30min movie off a 30 page script. Yes I’m somewhat joking, but let’s be honest this movie is freaking fun to watch. Every year people watch A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation for Christmas but I watch Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 and 2. A Christmas Slasher is always a good time.

So this Christmas grab that eggnog and a bowl of that chocolate covered popcorn. Sit down next to that warm fire and lets watch Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2!

November 1, 2012

31 Nights of Halloween, Silent Night Deadly Night: Part 2

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2: Breathtaking
(88mins, 1987, Horror)


Unlike the first film I did not get to see this in the theater. Hopefully one day I can (its one of my goals in life). After seeing the classic Silent Night Deadly Night, I needed to watch it again. I looked high and low for the DVD and finally stumbled a pond a double feature with an, at the time unknown, Part 2—Wait what a Part 2? I bought that DVD right away. Once it came I popped it in the player and made some popcorn, little did I know that film would changed my life forever. I called the gang that saw the first one and told them to come over so we could all get together to watch this film. It made so much of an impression on us we couldn’t stop quoting the film. We never seen a film had so many classic lines like this. This was the days pre-YouTube and if I said GARBAGE DAY!, no one would know what the hell I was saying. This is the B-movie of B-movies, one that will live long after I’m gone. I have nothing but love for this badly made film.


Ricky Caldwell: “You tend to get paranoid when everyone around you gets dead.” 

Ricky Caldwell: “Fuck off… Doc!” 
This film is one of my favorite comedies of all time. The problem with that statement is it’s not a comedy but a horror film and lets okay with me. Every aspect of this film is funny as hell. Eric Freeman’s acting is the most amazing thing on film stock ever! Each word is overblown and almost every time he talks he moves his eyebrows up and down. It’s extremely noticeable onscreen, never has something been so noticeable. His acting is so bad here, its a one of a kind of pure greatness. I’m not make this a personal thing with Eric Freeman because he had nothing to work with, it wasn’t his fault. Well he is part of it but in fact he is what makes this film watchable. I would like nothing but to interview him or even write something he could act in, something needs to happen nowadays he’s that awesome.
Chip: “Listen Bud… that’s what she said when I fucker her brains out on the backseat of old Red here.” 

The whole film is 88 minutes. More then half of the film is the first one. Yep thats right they use the first film as flashbacks to the point it is more material then part 2. The funny thing about this is Ricky didn’t have a lot of scenes in the first one. So Ricky tells about Billy’s scene which he couldn’t have known about. He wasn’t even in the room in these flashbacks, so how could he have
known? And he didn’t get to talk to his brother about the murders because Billy was killed. I have never seen any film do something like this, where a sequel uses the first film more then the new storyline. Sure you need to tell the viewer what happened to the family but not a hour of footage of the first film. Not sure if this was something planned or maybe to cut production cost. They writes say this was do to the first film getting dropped out of the theater. the producers wanted to re-edit it or make a part 2 with the first films footage to get it back in the theaters. Ether way the very little footage of a Part 2 is amazing enough to even out do the first in the crazy/funny/goofy category. 
They even used it for the movie they go see at the theater!

Ricky Caldwell: “My old lady couldn’t afford to send me to college. So I got a job. I was washing dishes, dumping trash… all that sort of shit. I think you’re gonna like this next part. It sounded like some squirrel getting his nuts squeezed.”
(Watch this video to see the single greatest part in any film ever!)
Ricky Caldwell: [Wielding an axe] “Oh Mother Superior! I’ve got a present for you!” 
Even with the all the plot holes and the using of a ton of the first film’s footage for a sequel, this film still stands out as a B-Film masterpiece. Honestly both the first and second films are pure gold. Can’t say that about the others that follow, but when people quote a film without seeing it or knowing a damn thing about it, that’s when you know you have something special.

And boy is this film special.


October 31, 2012

31 Nights of Halloween, Silent Night Deadly Night

Silent Night Deadly Night: Killer
(1984, 79mins, Horror)


This was one of the fantastic films I saw at the Exhumed Film Festivals that I went too back in the good days. Like Burial Ground, Silent Night Deadly Night was one of my favorites that I saw there. I might even go as far as saying, Silent Night Deadly Night might be my favorite do to the sheer fun of watching this inside a packed theater at 2am. To see a film that came out way before I even step onto this planet inside a theater is one of the greatest pleasures I have ever had. There is something awesome about seeing a film like this on the big screen.


The Opening:

The film starts out on Christmas Eve 1971, with the family driving to see their grandfather (who was Back to the Future’s Pa Peabody). Mom, Dad, Billy and Ricky come to talk to Grandpop, put he just stares straight when they try. Everyone then leaves except Billy, who Grandpop begins to talk too.

He asks, “You scared, ain’t ya? You should be! Christmas Eve is the scariest damn night of the year!” He then asked if Billy was good this year, Billy says no and Grandpop brings to laugh saying, “You see Santa Claus tonight you better run boy, you better run for ya life!” Then the parents just happen to come back in and Grandpop stops talking acting like he was before they had left.

We cut to a man robbing a convenience store. He’s dressed as Santa and shoots the convenience store guy dead. (I’m sure you can see where this is going)

“31 bucks. Merry fucking Christmas.”
We come back to the family driving, in which they run into our killer Santa on the side of the road. They stop to see if he needs help. He pulls out his gun and kills the father. Billy gets out and runs. The mother jumps out and Santa begins to rape her as Billy watches. Santa then kills the mother and screams out into the darkness for the boy.


Then we cut to building with a sign that reads, Saint Mary’s Home for Orphaned Children. 


From here on the fun begins! 

Officer Miller: “Can you believe this? It’s Christmas Eve and we got orders to bring in Santa Claus.” 


Silent Night Deadly Night is a fantastic B-Movie! 

It is a fantastic horror film and even in my house a fantastic Christmas film. If you have not seen this film it is a must. Sure the acting is atrocious and everything is over the top but it is a flat out good time, with so much comedy you will be laughing a ton. The gore, the 80’s nudity and the great story of a guy dressed up as Santa Claus killing the shit out of people is enough to compel anyone to watch this B-movie masterpiece. After the first time I saw this film I wanted to watch it again, that’s how much fun it is.

Anyone like a Classic 80’s Montage! 

Ira Sims: [at closing time] “Seven o’clock… it’s over! Time to get shit-faced!” 



When you finish this film, you will say to yourself. “Wow that was something, there is no way on earth they could make another that was better or even on par with the first one”.

Well guess what they DID! They made the greatest sequel of all time…

Now For (Drum Roll)…

Silent Night Deadly Night: Part 2!


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