The Simplistic Reviews Year In Review 2020 Special

To close out the year, we thought it would be fun to look back on all the sketches we’ve done in 2020. Julie is your guide as we go from a John Rambo-esque rant on the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, to the two part Sesame Street Syndicate sketch, to He-Man and the Transformers messing about, to Doctor Doom dentistry, to Scream Shenanigans, to Home Alone fallout, and all the great sketches in between…with a little behind the scenes stuff thrown in. So sit back, relax, and enjoy one last silly show before the year is out.

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(Ep. 149): Gingerdead Man – Movie Commentary: December 2020

We love our horror and holiday movie commentaries each year and this one has been on the list. Now we finally get to cross it off…no killer Santa, no killer Elf’s…Killer Gingerbread! 

An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer – this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent the killer to the electric chair. Oh and that Ginger is Gary Busey…yep that Busey.

Happy Holidays everyone!

(Ep. 148): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – December 2020

Holiday Hijinks come once a year, and with The Simplistic Reviews here, you should have no fear!After all the good tidings 2020 has given us, its time to head to The First Korean Church of SR as confessional gets sexy in the newest segment; “Simplistic Confessional with Father Polizzi.”Blue Collar Comedy and The Kings of Comedy talk, Matt giving people their signs, DJ creaming over the life’s work of Aaron Sorkin, and so much more in this festive edition of the highest rated podcast of recently divorced dads who are planning on creating an OnlyFans Page to pay for their child support; The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

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(Ep. 147): Order of the Black Eagle – Movie Commentary: November 2020

A James Bondish spy and his female assistant infiltrate a group of South American Nazis who have kept Hitler alive until they take over the… using the ultimate weapon.

We are back watching another terrible action film of the 80s. Today, we celebrate the great Sir Sean Connery by watching a knockoff Bond film that is worse in every way you could possibly think off. (Don’t worry we will watch the other shitfest in this series).

Trivia: I believe this film is the first film to make the star, the least entertaining person in the film. Maybe it was the actor who just seems not to really want be here. His character seems to just get lost in the story, almost how lost we got watching this damn cluster fuck. Oh and yeah he’s “partner” is a baboon.

Let’s do this!

(Ep. 146): The Simplistic Reviews Podcast – November 2020

 Batman, the Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, Walter Vinci from First Time Watchers…seriously, a whole bunch of people show up on this special Election Edition of the Simplistic Reviews podcast. The boys politic about Hollywood news in the return of Can You Dig It. Julie’s Diary reveals your favorite announcer’s stance on the upcoming election…kinda. And the boys pick the winners to a couple of battles to the death in another round of Simplistic Fisticuffs. So do your constitutional duty and listen to this brand new episode of the Simplistic Reviews podcast.

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12HR Spooktacular – 2020

Happy Halloween!


Join us again for 12 hours of 3 very non-productive men sitting around doing nothing but watching 8 films, 6 terrible and 2 good films.

Could it get anymore scary?


Re-live our first annual 12HR Spooktacular! Grab the movies below and watch along with us…if you dare.


Our lineup from the Oct. 17th.


Schedule (EST)

12:00pm – The Funhouse (1981)

1:35pm – Evil Dead (2013)

3:06pm – Break #1

3:11pm – Hellbound (1994)

4:45pm – Monster Dog (1984)

6:10pm – Intermission – Break #2

6:17pm – Soultaker (1990)

7:52pm – Final Destination 5 (2011)

9:14pm – Break #3

9:19pm – Pumpkinhead (1988)

10:45pm – Dracula (1931)

12:00am – End

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(Ep. 145): Death Spa – Movie Commentary: October 2020

Death Spa

R 1989 ‧ Horror/Slasher ‧ 1h 28m

Customers at an exclusive fat farm are haunted by a force which turns exercise equipment into deadly killing machines.


Halloween is right around the corner, so lets watch a movie about exercise equipment killing people! Sounds like one hell of a movie right? We all know COVID-19 came with a lot. Now we need to loss a bit of weight, so come with us as we all signup to loss a few pints of blood. Oh and don’t worry about the random murders. Each one banks us a free 3 week gym membership. Grab your LA Looks, that neon shirt and lets hit the gym…or spa…ugh…whatever this is Death Spa!