It’s here!   No, not your tax return… No, not another government shutdown… No, not an actual picture of Venom… It’s the 100th episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast!  We got a guest list so prestigious and respected, it should run for president…please…someone…anyone…run for president.  So if you’re going on a short drive on a long road or a long walk off a short pier, stick this in your ear holes and enjoy the bad comedy styling of Matthew Stewart, DJ Valentine, and Justin Polizzi for the 100th time…and then…for the love of God…run for president. MUSICTriumph March By VerdiNeon Love By Jeff Dale, Gavin Harrison & Tim ReillyDark City Beats By John 00 FlemingUtopia In Peril By ChilloutPlain Jane By Sid Phillips

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