It’s July, so that means it’s time for a summer blowout episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast. We broach many subjects includrtl=0″ width=”100%”>ng Star Wars’ big problem, Robocop reboots, Chris Hardwick’s troubles, and the Naked Gun. Yes…that assortment of subjects has never been collectively tackled before. Also Justin is put on the hot seat for the new segment Questions From The Crowd. DJ and Justin go crazy with their love for the television show 24. And the boys try and figure out films by their last line in the new game Simplistic Last Lines. All that and more on this new episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.



Jack & Nina


The End Of Every Episode Of Police Squad




Fast Times Club By Idols


Gold Medal By Sounds Like Sander


4. For Losing It By The Triads

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