Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good podcast! The Simplistic Reviews Podcast is back to jingle some bells and deck some halls with Simon Appleton from Moustache Movie News. We ask the expert in all things U.K. everything from Brexit, the metric system, and Meghan Markel…we also take a break to read some Christmas cards sent to Santa, much to the chagrin of our Jewish cohost Matthew Stewart. We also bring back one of our favorite games, Simplistic Titles, to see if Simon knows what movies are real and which ones come from the dark recesses of DJ Valentine’s twisted mind. All that reindeer crap and more on a fa-la-la-la-loaded episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast



Deck The Halls By Album House

Hark The Herald Angels Sing By Album House

Jingle Bells By Album House

O Little Town Of Bethlehem By Album House

We Wish You An Indie Christmas By Aaron Tosti

Happy Christmas Deck The Halls By Be Still The Earth

8-Bit Blues By Fairlight

Move By OBOY



Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Audition

Aladdin First Look

Lindsey Lohan Beach Club

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