On this back to school episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast. William Davis Moore, from Miscast Entertainment, sits in for the vacationing Matthew Stewart. The boys discuss…well…The Boys…TV series…they also briefly discuss the only Oscar-winning film to have a money shot in it (Can you guess what it is?)…they tackle the TransAtlantic accent and finally reveal the real person behind Warner Brothers. All That and Moore…see what I did there? Because William Davis Moore is on the…nevermind…All that and some stoking of the flames surrounding that old rumor about William Shatner’s late wife…yeah we went there…on the August Edition of the Simplistic Review Podcast.

NOTESShatner’s WifeThe Boys Airplane SceneThe TransAtlantic AccentPennyworthLobo on Krypton

Lex Luthor Stole 40 Cakes


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