Break your New Year’s resolutions early and enter the world of the Simplistic Reviews podcast. This month, the boys celebrate the end of 2020…briefly. They then delve into what dessert they are gonna gorge themselves on to assuage their depression from the prolonged doom of the pandemic. But don’t worry…it’s all fun and games as they play four of their favorite movie games to entertain you: 

1. Take The F%*king Elephant…a game based on guessing the eerily similar films of Liam Neeson.2. Simplistic Titles…a game based on figuring out which films Valentine describes is real or fake.3. Simplistic Death…a game based on guessing a film based only on the description on how the bad guy dies in the end.4. Simplistic Switcheroo…a game in which the gang theorizes which actor could do another actor’s career better.

All that and so much more on this Auld Acquaintance Episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

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