(This version has audio of the movie. We have another version without movie audio as well) 

China O’Brien | 1989 ‧ Action ‧ 1h 30m

A police woman, expert and instructor in martial arts, leaves the city to stay with her dad, sheriff in a town with peace and quiet – or so she thinks. She gets plenty opportunities to show her martial arts skills. (From IMDB)

China O’Brien was one of the hardest movies to find, yet one of the best movies we ever watched…we’ll in terms of fighting since the acting and story is nothing much to write home about. But damn those fight scenes are amazing. We can only hope the sequel lives up or excels in the fighting category.

Since this film is so hard to find we will upload some fighting scenes for you to see on our YouTube channel. Also, in our video version of this podcast you’ll see a few fights appear as we watch.

Grab that popcorn, hold on to your peg of a hand and long live our Queen, Cynthia Rothrock! One of the best action stars…ever!

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