In honor of The Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary, the Simplistic Reviews Podcast got the whole gang together to talk about the legacy of Batman.  Now you’re probably wondering…what makes that different from any other show?  Ummmm…not much.  Although, the boys do hold an NFL style Draft of Batman villains who they think could kill the Caped Crusader.  Afterwards the draft grades are given out by a very special guest arbiter brought in to class up and beautify the proceedings…Matthew’s very own lovely wife Nicole Stewart.  No, she does not show any favoritism.  Yes, their marriage nearly comes apart at the seams.  No, Justin, DJ, and Neal don’t try to help matters.    The boys discuss Batfleck’s new Batsuit and also pick out their own favorite versions of Batman and Joker on a very special Simply The Best segment.

Grab your cape, your cowl, your shark repellent, and your Bat credit card and enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

Bat Shark Repellant

Batman Scares Deadshot

Batfleck Suit

Mr. Freeze Saying Nora

Trailer For Batman TAS Episode Over The Edge

Batman Rogues Gallery Pre-Draft Rankings

Music Notes:

The Best By Tina Turner

Batman ’89 Theme By Danny Elfman

Batman Begins Theme By Hans Zimmer

Batman ’66 Intro Theme By Neal Hefti

American Idol Theme By Cathy Dennis

Monday Night Football Theme By Johnny Pearson

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