The boys are back, and ready to slap you, your momma, and your whole family in the face, literally.  I mean you’ve heard the things they say, having your family slapped would be the least of your worries.

This month the boys have a rapid fire edition of talk in the new segment “Can Your Dig It?” And they fantasize about what might be in the pockets of film characters in the newest game “Get Your Hand Out Of My Pocket.”

Plus, since The Simplistic Reviews is world renown, the guys get visited by Kevin Feige, Guillermo del Toro and the incomparable Al Pacino.  No really.  Well…not really.  But kinda really.  That, Jessica Chastain hate, concern for Hayden Panettiere and what Keith David pulls out for air in this month’s Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

Show Notes:

Keith David not pulling it out for air

Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Malcolm X

Can You Dig It!?

Preggo Hayden

Pacino in a Marvel Movie?

Matthew Nable as Ra’s al Ghul

FF4 Pics?

Slaughter Film Action Movie Time Machine

Music Notes:

Birds & Brass By Sort Of Soul

Lawyers, Guns, And Money By Warren Zevon

Sweet Georgia Brown By Brother Bones

Can You Dig It By IllMind

Plain Jane By Sid Phillips

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