The gang is back with another Movie Commentary! After Lethal Weapon 2 what film could the gang follow with but the classic masterpiece known as, DIE HARD! That’s right HANS! Take your shoes off and curl those toes on the carpet, we are going to start to blow some sh%t up! Get your Alan Rickman voice ready and hold on tight because one of the greatest action films with some of the most amazing deaths may also be one of the greatest Christmas films.  That also means Ode to Joy will be playing in your ear for a solid week.

So lets get our kill on!

(Please note: Simplistic Reviews does not condone real killing, only in your imagination, we are all for that ;)

Show Notes:

Alan Rickman’s Answering Machine

Let’s order a pizza!

Bill Clay

Music Notes:

Die Hard Ode To Joy 


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