As fall descends across the land, the Simplistic Reviews Podcast is the funk of 40,000 years. In this month’s edition, the boys spring forward and fall back to poking fun at Shia LeBeouf’s childhood proclivities, Urban Dictionary’s more interesting entries, and Jeremy Renner’s lackadaisical attitude toward his career.  All while still having time to pay a little John Singleton penance.

As you might remember, Justin and Matt were unlucky enough to lose a game of Simply Quotable a couple of month’s back and had to watch the 2001 hood classic, Baby Boy.  To make a long story short, there is dick sniffing, Snoop Dogg shooting, and men-inside-giant-wombs talk.

The boys also tackle the news Bob Barker style in a new segment called Simplistic Showcase.  There is big money, big prizes, and a variety of obscenities. 

All of this, plus our take on Fox’s Gotham, how Boardwalk Empire is doing so far, and soooooooo much more, on this month’s Simplistic Reviews Podcast for October.


Show Notes:


Tetris Movie

Charlie Countryman

Baby Boy got the sniffles

Inherent Vice

DJ’s Hidden Princess Bride Reference

Matt’s Hidden Big Lebowski Reference Slaughter Film Action Movie Time Machine

Music Notes:

Birds & Brass By Sort Of Soul

Lawyers, Guns, And Money By Warren Zevon

Game of Thrones Theme Remix

White Lines By Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel

My Flows is Tight By Lord Digga

Pure Imagination By Gene Wilder

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