On this Spooktacular Halloween edition of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast, the boys welcome back JD Duran from Insession Film.  Other than further corrupting this classy professional podcaster…the boys talk about Marvel’s HUGE announcements, DC’s HUGE announcements, gush over The Flash, bitch more about Gotham, comment on the Boardwalk Empire finale, Walking Dead premiere, and consider NBC’s Constantine.  JD also gets to moderate our second ever draft, which this time involves the boys trying to make their best monster squad.  It’s a razor ‘blade in the apple’ sort of show that you don’t want to miss.


Insession Film


The Monster Squad

Marvel Film Slate

DC Film Slate

Age Of Ultron Teaser

Age Of Ultron Extended

Ever See Chinatown Motherf@%ker?!

Skinny Zach Galafanakis

Jason Biggs pissing on Chelsea Handler


“Nightmare On My Street” By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“Autumn Thunder” By Sam Spence

“My Flows Is Tight” By Lord Digga

“Inside The Actors Studio” By Angelo Badalamenti

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