The Ides of March Approaches…and so does the March 2015 edition the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.  On this episode the boys chastise the person responsible for allowing a 72 year old Harrison Ford into an airplane.  Justin discovers a brand new…um…old show that is hilarious in all the right ways.  DJ questions if the Tommy Lee Jones we’ve seen in public is the real Tommy Lee Jones.  And Matt saves the lives of 3 people while eradicating another from existence.  All that and more on this 1.21 gigawatt powered episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.


1.21 gigawatts 

Danger 5

Harrison Ford plane crash

Diablo Barbie

Age of Ultron Trailer

Danny Elfman Music in Age of Ultron 

Tommy Lee Jones commercial

Black & Blue or White & Gold Dress


My Flows Is Tight By Lord Digga

Back To The Future Theme By Alan Silvestri 

Back To The Future II Theme By Alan Silvestri

Back To The Future III Theme By Alan Silvestri

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place By The Animals

Welcome Back By Mase

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