Play-Doh!  YA Vamp movies! Good Friday & Passover Combined!  Get ready for the most eclectic episode of The Simplistic Reviews Podcast yet.  Justin and DJ finally pay their debts to Matthew by finally reviewing Vampire Academy.  And by reviewing…we mean trashing the hell out of it.  They also discuss how Fox does something right with Deadpool…then something way, way wrong with Play-Doh.  They also get their Artful Dodger on with the return of the segment Get Your Hand Out My Pocket.  Guard your jewels in this Holy edition of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.



Vampire Academy

Mad Max: Fury Road


Best of Pennywise

Deadpool April Fools

We’re No Angels


My Flows Is Tight By Lord Digga

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place By The Animals

Birds And Brass By Sort Of Soul

Plain Jane By Sid Phillips

The He-Man Opening That The Boys Are Spoofing

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