This month’s show is themed around the genius of the late and great Gene Wilder. As we honor his legacy, we create our very own film monstrosities with a new segment called, “Frankenstein’s Monster.” Think soap in pillow cases and jackets with scorpions on the back…

We also “blaze” our own saddles and whip out some news in “Excuse Me While I Whip This Out.” All this, and antics galore on The Simplistic Reviews Podcast.


Taylor and the Loki-poki stick

The Devil in Ms. Jones

Joe Mangenello as Slade Wilson

Wonka’s Tunnel of Love

Scooby Dax Shepard Doo

Halle Berry’s Call

The Passing of a Wilder One


 Let It Happen By Tame Impala

Blazing Saddles Theme

Young Frankenstein Lullaby

Springtime for Hitler

World of Pure Imagination

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